In several ways the brand new Cougar differs from one other several white twins

In several ways the brand new Cougar differs from one other several white twins

At the disgusting in accordance with one to lover feathered, a Cougar have a tendency to rise fifty fpm on 4,250 base, restrict, less than practical standards

Rather than which have lapped and you may riveted peels, The new Cougar’s try fused jak robi chatib pracД™ on the bulkheads and you will ribs building its fuselage, empennage and you can wings As a result, an excellent slicker airframe, a much simpler appearance and you may, as outlined by customers, less issues with rust. Concurrently, the low portions of your own cabin fuselage are made from solid but smaller aluminium honeycomb. Although biggest huge difference is, definitely, the latest Cougar’s 160-hp Lycoming 0-320 engines. The newest Duchess and you may Seminole has 180-hp O-360s. They likewise have stop-rotating propellers, and therefore get rid of the important-motor bugbear. All of new Cougar’s props turn clockwise; hence, an effective pilot theoretically must have a more challenging big date writing on a beneficial failure of your kept (critical) engine, due to the fact correct prop takes a more impressive bite and you can produces a great deal more asymmetric push compared to kept.

New Cougar, Duchess and you can Seminole are much alike in one area: single-engine abilities. All three do miserably after shedding an engine toward takeoff. The new Cougar POH indicates that, during the sea-level into a basic time at its terrible pounds out of step 3,800 lbs, the new jet usually go up at about 2 hundred fpm using one engine, if for example the pilot really does what you correct (cobs the great engine, feathers the latest crappy, gets the equipment and you may flaps up, etc).

Under the criteria intricate above, brand new planes tend to endeavor up only 140 feet each kilometer it excursion over the soil. Employing 180-hp engines, the Duchess and you can Seminole never manage much better. Their single-motor prices-of-ascend and go up gradients are, respectively: 235 fpm and you can 166 base for every distance; and you may 217 fpm and 148 feet for each mile. You to meager abilities comes below important conditions; clean out a system in virtually any of your own airplanes into the takeoff out of Denver toward a hot date, together with numbers likely could have negative signs facing her or him.

In comparison, the fresh solitary-motor provider ceilings of your Duchess and you may Seminole was six,170 base and you can 4,100 ft, correspondingly. A great Ways Although it does maybe not perform well on one engine, the new Cougar possess good handle characteristics,on account of a big the quantity toward airplane’s huge tail. Vmca, minimal manage rates that have a motor away, was 61 tangles-a couple of knots less than stall rate with obtaining knowledge and you will flaps extended. Stands pieces towards best corners of one’s altered laminar-flow NACA 63A-415 side cause the wing root to appears a long time before the latest hps

In the event that a great two hundred-fpm rate of climb does not voice all that crappy, look at the Cougar’s unmarried-motor performance one other way: that’s, with respect to go up gradient

We were provided a demonstration of Cougar’s docile ways by the Gil Stout out of Flying Tigers in the Marietta, Pa., an old Grumman agent whose areas still were Cougar conversion process and provider. At step one,500 ft for the an enjoying big date, Stout closed the right motor, feathered this new prop making a great 4

knowledge come to be the fresh dry engine. No problem. After that, the guy pulled the brand new nose way up. Brand new stall buzzer shrieked since Cougar shook for example. well, a wet cat. You to side decrease, then the almost every other; however, Stout was able to get them to your rudder whenever. At the same time, we were sinking at about 500 fpm; but, about trial, new airplane never provided any indication it absolutely was going to make a move freaky. On account of restricted lift take a trip, it is difficult in order to stall a great Cougar rather than abrupt handle deflection. Discover a trade-off, however. Predicated on people, an effective pilot and work out an energy regarding landing with complete flaps for the an airplane piled into the their leading seats. forward cg limitation can also be use up all your lift expert from the flare and you will plunk upon the about three rims, particularly when airspeed is a little too on top of strategy.