Immediately following he’s managed to help the woman, Sumi arranged close thinking into your but chooses to not declare their love

Immediately following he’s managed to help the woman, Sumi arranged close thinking into your but chooses to not declare their love

Initially, Kazuya is manipulative with the Ruka. Shortly after he realized one to she suspected Chizuru become a good rental-spouse, the guy made an effort to sit so you’re able to the girl to eliminate any potential fear from the girl gossiping regarding their fake relationships. Ruka had misconceptions that Kazuya was a superficial people; one who simply wished to possess sense of that have an effective soulmate. Just after Kazuya conserved the woman of a trip and provided aside terms regarding genuine appeal, she starts to open on your.

Her reputation made it to ensure her cardiovascular system will not overcome due to the fact prompt given that a regular people. It actually was merely just after Kazuya spared this lady, that she felt as if staying with your are definitely the you’ll provider. Later, she pertains to take on that it’s actually unrequited like she experienced into your and you can tries to get a hold of an easy way to separate each other your and Chizuru in order for their having him all of the to possess herself. Ruka had actually went much to quit the girl occupations while the good leasing partner and you may accompanied Kazuya to focus in identical family members karaoke having him. This pushy feelings always makes Kazuya’s perception to the Chizuru to be crumbled because of this lady attraction. Even in the event Kazuya constantly were able to pull themselves back again to remain their thoughts into the Chizuru.

Sumi Sakurasawa

As per demand by the Chizuru, Kazuya decided to go to the a habit day which have Sumi. At first, he had problems adapting in order to her once they first met, because of just how closed and you may timid she try. He attempted taking the lady to tackle activities to greatly help this lady, but to help you zero get; always end having they both getting ashamed of exactly how personal they arrive at bemunicating that have signal vocabulary, facial expressions and you can limited speaking, Kazuya pointed out that this woman is looking to the lady finest to alter herself and you will assist their for the reaching the woman mission; one step immediately.

The woman is willing to let Kazuya as he is within you would like, especially when he means advice for their and you may Chizuru’s relationship.

Yoshiaki Kibe

A close youth buddy off Kazuya. It know each other bronymate web way back inside the preschool. Kazuya might be underneath the assault out of Kibe’s cruel but amicable comments towards women he is just after.

The guy, Kazuya and you will Ignore will go out together in school or immediately after they. Because he knows his granny, Kazuya and you will Chizuru needed to maintain the brand new bogus relationships, to make sure that the grandmothers’ do not find out the details.

Inside beach travel, Kibe realized that Kazuya has problem dealing with Mami’s break up and never provided Chizuru’s feeling. Consequently, Kibe is actually outraged from the Kazuya’s decisions and you can called him out for being indecisive. Despite not knowing the genuine character off Kazuya and Chizuru’s dating, the guy stuck-up to own your once the a buddy and you will showed the guy cared on him by the talking to Chizuru on the resettling the partnership with Kazuya.

As the they are ignorant regarding Kazuya and Chizuru’s genuine relationship, Kibe try blissfully unaware of exactly how his measures i where Kazuya has worked without having any notion of the effects.

Pass up Kuribayashi

Kazuya’s buddy off school. He, Kazuya, and Kibe tend to hang out with her in school or just after it. Same as Kibe, the guy together with wants to discuss Kazuya’s activities that have girlfriends.

His friendship with Pass up nearly being ripped apart whenever Kazuya are swept up that have Ruka and you will got damaged for the lady since the his rental partner. But Kazuya able to amend which through Avoid in order to rent Chizuru while the an enthusiastic apology, which have zero alternatives but so you’re able to spirits your one even she’s their leasing spouse, perhaps not the genuine you to. Pass up is actually touched from this and you may guaranteed to store Kazuya and you will Chizuru’s relationship to become a key.