Alex wants the newest zoo and you may is amazed when he read Marty’s need to leave and you may live-in the wild

Alex wants the newest zoo and you may is amazed when he read Marty’s need to leave and you may live-in the wild


Alex contains the identity very similar to that a celebrity because the the guy turned the brand new star of zoo on a highly young age.

Just like the chief destination of zoo, he’s featured heavily into the gift ideas and offer an enthusiastic “Alex the new Lion” snowfall business or any other gifts so you can Marty to have his birthday. He including suggests an infatuation having steak, regardless if later reviews you to sushi tastes better.

In the 1st movie, he was very frightened as he located their predatory nature and you will did their far better isolate himself of others to protect him or her. Even after their pleasure and you may selfishness, Alex is very loyal so you can their most other Zooster household members, especially Marty. Alex never ever loses the opportunity to show off and you can boast you to definitely they are a celebrity, however, either a few examples create him nervous, such as when he attempts to deal with the new penguins or his tries to flirt which have Gia regarding the circus. He or she is in addition to calculated to fix one thing as he understands the guy rotten her or him, such as for example when he matches having Marty, or his try to re also-go with brand new lion’s pride or even to persuade the newest Zoosters so you can return to brand new circus and you will apologize to any or all.

Alex is also most active, they can improve morale to any or all as much as him and you will even offers an excellent frontrunners event, particularly in the third motion picture, when he also seems to direct a whole circus.


When Alex try young, Zuba gave your coaching into the browse and you can fighting however, try distressed as he (title given to your from the his mothers ahead of dropping your) common in order to moving. In one of their sessions, whenever Zuba are sidetracked to battle Makunga, Alakay are seized from the poachers, while the his father attempted to conserve him before getting decide to try into the the fresh new ear because of the among candidates, causing him to-fall off the truck, Alakay’s field dropped to the river and you can Zuba failed to see, going back to chasing new seekers.

Zuba spent days looking Alakay out of the set aside up to the guy hit a specific time where the guy presumed he would maybe not get back as seekers got slain him. Zuba spent the final ages blaming themselves for the loss of their guy.

Whenever Alex additionally the zoosters show up for the other dogs from Africa, Zuba didn’t discovered her or him really. Concurrently, Alex left thinking about your as his deal with is actually a little common, Zuba mistook Alex’s terminology because the a challenge so you can their leader leadership and you will endangered him, but is dropped by their girlfriend, Florrie, who instantaneously understood your due to the fact their child. Zuba and you may Florrie approved your because of the birthmark regarding their paw, hence eventually treating his missing child. Alex is actually very happy to remember that he had mothers. Alex advised their mothers which he are the newest “Queen of new York:, even so they translated your since extremely getting a real Queen. Zuba are happy towards the arrival off his kid, he even delivered him into pride, however, Makunga told you he may not region up until the guy passed the new Rite out-of Passageway hullabaloo.

At night, Zuba and you can Florrie displayed Alex where the guy slept as he was a beneficial cub, they even informed your how he’d vanished at the time. Zuba had been blaming himself for just what took place however, Florrie always reminded him it was never their fault. His moms and dads finished up encouraging your and you may prepared your all the best into the rite of following day.

Sadly, Alex missing the latest rite since the the guy thought that it absolutely was very a-dance battle rather than a battle. He and his loved ones was actually banished when Makunga grabbed manage. Alex are disturb whenever their dad informed your that he is not a genuine lion.